Utsav Exim Ltd

Agro Based Industries & Turnkey Solutions

We understand that food and agricultural systems in developing countries and economies-in-transition are undergoing profound changes. Along with rising per capita incomes, technological advances, trade liberalization and urbanization, the role of the private sector is expanding, smallholder farming is becoming increasingly commercialized, and agribusiness and agro-industry are playing an ever more important role in socio-economic development. Our engineering skills when matched with a strong R&D team, offers a wide range of industrial solutions in the field of agro-based products processing industries leading to expand the boundaries of agro-businesses with social confidence.

We have demonstrated our capabilities with successful projects in agro-waste processing, printing, making corrugated boxes, Kraft paper manufacturing, edible oil extraction & refining, bio-pesticides from Neem oil, handmade paper from banana waste etc. The scope of agro-industries work historically focused primarily on farm and agro-enterprise level technologies, productivity and efficiency. In recent years, Utsav Exim Ltd. has provided support for several specific agro-industries including dairy, sericulture, and apiculture – in several countries – as well as support in a limited number of countries for paper manufacturing from waste materials, sugar mills, edible oils, coconut oil, cashew nut oil, agro-waste recycling, rubber, tomato processing, pineapple canning, date palm, organic coffee, biofuel and bio pesticides amongst other agro-processing plants & industries.

Service offerings

We undertake turnkey projects right from feasibility studies, site surveys, design and engineering, procurement, supply, installation – erection & commissioning, training of local staff, trial runs till project management support for the client at one single point of contact with us. We believe that society and businesses can benefit most from the complete value chains (both pre- and post-harvesting) in all agricultural sectors – crop, livestock, and forestry. Keeping this in mind, we would like you to invite Utsav Exim Ltd. to be the provider of technical expertise for your agribusiness or agro-based industry.

Some of the services we specialize in include policies, institutions and services relating to: food safety regulation, establishment and enforcement of grades and standards, contract negotiation and compliance, market information, rural transport systems, product, technology and process innovation, risk management, farm and agro-enterprise managerial and technical capacity, business linkages, cross-border and regional trade, and public- private sector cooperation.

Our products are made from raw materials of highest quality, strictly in accordance with ASTM/JIS/AS and ARE standards. We can assist your firm with some of the better known organizations working on certification programmes include Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO), Social Accountability International (SAI), Sustainable Agriculture Network/Rainforest Alliance, the Sustainable Food Laboratory (SFL), and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). We offer flexibility when it comes to designing to suit project requirements, be it setting up an entirely novel industry on a turnkey basis or up-gradation of existing facilities and tweaking processes.