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Processed Food

While India has abundant food supply, the processed food industry is still in its premature stages. Only 2% of fruits and vegetables and 15% of milk are processed.

The value addition of packaging to food production in India is only 7%, compared to 23% in China, 45% in the Philippines and 188% in UK.

We look for partners who wish to explore opportunities in packaged & ready to eat regional foods of India, more specifically – Rajasthani & Gujrati.

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We will also be able to provide other intermediary products, which can help you prepare a meal, as you would expect from your favorite restaurant. These can be various spices and pre-cooked curries in various bases to expedite your cooking process, namely – tomato, onion / ginger or white curry. These unique base sauces will enable you to create your own authentic, Indian restaurant curry sauce packed with flavor. Made with our specially blended spices, freshly ground to our unique recipe. Easy to cook – we provide all the spices, you just provide a few basic ingredients to create the best curry sauce you’ve ever made.