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Bio-Pesticides from Neem Oil

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The seeds and the raw materials obtained from Neem trees are used in most countries/regions for plant protection. In quantitative terms, oil pressing and subsequent processing into soap by far exceeds usage as a pesticide. However, neem oils and soaps are produced in only rela- tively few countries, predominantly South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.Neem leaves are mainly used for medicinal purposes or for plant protection. They are most often used as pesticides in countries in which a lot of neem trees are grown and where they mostly constitute a source of fuel, leaving large quantities of leaves as a by-product.

We have the technology to make bio-pesticides from Neem oil. In such aNeem base unit, three primary products of Neem are required. These are Neem Oil and Cake from Neem seeds and Azadirachtin extraction from Neem oil. Neem oil and Cake are obtained using Screw type expellers and cold pressing is done. Neem oil is filtered and stored in MS tanks while cake is stored in gunny bags. Ratio of Neem oil to Neem Cake obtained is 1:4.Neem oil is further processed for obtaining Azadirachtin, using Methyl Alcohol as solvent, which is recovered after final separation using distillation process. Neem Oil is usually sold in bulk in 10 MT road tankers. It is also dispatched in 200 Kg MS barrels, specifically for bulk buyers and export purpose. 200 Liter (Kg) HDPE drums are also used. in small and medium sector, process technology with machinery is supplied on turn-key basis with necessary training to plant operating personnel.Estimated project cost for such a proposed Neem oil base natural Bio-pesticides Unit having 30 Tons per day plant capacity is approximately US $ 1 Million.