Oil & Juice Extractions

Oil & Juice Extractions – Moringa, Neem, Mint, Lemon grass, Ginger, Turmeric

With years of experience and expertise we have mastered the technology for the process for extraction of essential oils from various planting material like wood, herbs, flower, root, bark, spices, gums resins and its nature of volatile and percentage of oil yield.

Despite the fact that a number of methods can be used in the essential oil extraction, steam distillation seems to the one that dominates this category. However, you can still consider other methods of essential oil extraction such as: Maceration Expression Solvent extraction or Enfleurage Regardless of the kind of method that you choose to use, you need to ensure that you understand it fully so that you can extract the oil completely from different parts of respective plants. It is also essential to identify the exact method that will fit extraction of a certain type of oil because not all of them can be extracted using the same method.

Whether you are buying or producing your own essential oil, you are advised to ensure that the quality of the essential oil reigns supreme. Nevertheless, the quality of the essential oil depends on factors such as the climate and soil quality. Provided that these factors are favorable, you will no doubt be able to produce high quality oil. It therefore advisable that you do not just think about using the most suitable method but you also consider improving the conditions under which that given plant can thrive well. You need to get high quality raw materials as well.

We supply the equipment and technical knowhow on turnkey basis for all kinds of Essential oils.

Various Technologies Available

  • Ordinary steam Distillation Plant
  • High pressure steam Distillation Plants
  • Low Temperature vacuum Distillation Plant
  • Hydro Distillation Plant
  • Hydro Distillation Plant with Cohabitation system
  • Multipurpose Distillation Plant with a provision of Hydro distillation, Steam Distillation (with & without pressure) and Cohabitation System.
  • Pilot & lab scale plant.

Our Distillation Plants are for

Aromatic Species for essential oil Distillation

Rose, Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Vetiver, Lemon grass, Ajowan, Cypruss, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Organoe (sweet Marjoram), Clary sage, Palmarosa, Citronella, Davana, Patchouli, Sandal wood, Agar wood, Champa, Kewda, Marry Gold.

Distillation For Spice Oils

Cinnamon bark & Leaf, Nut mug, Ginger, Garlic, Frankincense, Cardamom, Pepper, Mace, Clove.