Soyabeans processing into Milk, Oil & Tofu


Soya milk and its related food products are getting popular throughout the world due to their nutritional and medicinal qualities. Soya milk is high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrate and contains no cholesterol.

Soya milk is an excellent food for babies, children and the elderly people including pregnant and lactating women as it contains vegetable protein that is very easy to digest.

Continuous Soya Milk Plant


The plant has been designed for handling 100 liters of Soya milk per hour from 15 kg/hrSoybeans.The plant is a skid mounted one and requires only 15 Sq.mtarea. Only one skilled operator and one helper are sufficient to operate the plant

Okara Dryer

Okara is the residual fibers after extraction of milk from soya bean. It contains about 80% moisture and can be dried by a drying system to get dried product with 4%-12% moisture content.The dried Okara can be used as a source of good fibre and can be used in making Biscuits, Sweets.

Tofu (Soya Paneer)

Tofu can be made by acidification of Soya Milk by use of lactic acid. The paneer so obtained is washed and pressed to get Tofu. Tofu can be packed in vacuum packages to extend its life upto one month.

Flavoured Soya Milk

Soya milk can be formulated by addition of sugar and flavour to produce flavoured soya milk. Varieties of flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee etc. can be used to produce tasty flavoured soy milk drink.Theflavoured Soy milk so produced can be sterilized in a sterilizer and can be marketed. The life of sterilized soya milk will be six months.