Post Harvest Processing - Products

A plant producing hundreds of tons of fresh tomato every day requires a precise and constant supply of fresh product (raw material), and this can be obtained in two ways:


Tomato processing plant can produce

  • Tomato Puree
  • Tomato Paste
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Tomato Juice
Post Harvest

Plant includes automatic tomato feeding and washing line, juice extraction line and evaporator for concentration, ketchup manufacturing line and fully automatic bottling line. Packing lines can be in bottles, drums, cans, pouches etc to suit customer’s requirements.Generally plant has the flexibility to produce ketchup from fresh tomato in the season and from paste in the rest of the months.
A plant producing hundreds of tons of fresh tomato every day requires a precise and constant supply of fresh product (raw material), and this can be obtained in two ways:

  • By organizing the tomato harvesting and its delivery so that the exact amount arrives at the factory at the right time (not too early or too late)
  • By installing pools in the plant. These cement tanks, usually 5 x 30m each, hold about 150 tons of tomatoes and 150 tons of water and act as stockpiles, providing the processing line with a constant supply of product.
Post Harvest

It is vitally important that the tomato processing line constantly operates at maximum capacity. It is not possible to work at a very reduced capacity or - even worse - intermittently, or every other day. In fact, every time the tomato processing line is shut down, all the machinery must be cleaned, with the subsequent loss of several working hours, wastage of both a great amount of water and a great deal of product contained in the evaporator.

Furthermore, fresh and ripe tomatoes cannot be kept waiting for processing in the store yard at ambient temperatures of over 30°C for more than 24-48 hours, as this will cause an inferior finished product quality and a lower Brix degree.

The capacity of the plant can be in the range of 500 Kg/Hour to 10,000 Kg per Hour. Other specific details can be designed and supplied to suit the client’s requirement. The finished product can be packed in cans, bottles & pouches.


Post Harvest

Production of Mango, Orange, Pineapple juices and value-added products including jams, jellies, pickles, canned products etc. has become a commercial success. We offer latest technology for juice extraction, concentration of juices, canning and production of several of the products like jams, jellies, canned fruits etc.

Utsav Exim Ltd. undertakes establishment of large scale exported oriented units for production of items like concentrates of various fruit juices, sorting, cleaning, washing, waxing and packaging of raw fruits and vegetables.We also offer a full range of canning equipment from Can reforming and Filling to Seaming and Embossing. These machines are designed to provide multiple speed options for application in food processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Our range of canning equipment can be availed in different capacities based upon the requirement of the clients.

Post Harvest

A large variety of fruits can be used to obtain by the appropriate technological process different kinds of semi - finished product starting from fresh fruits just harvested from field or stored in controlled atmosphere warehouses. The ripeness degree, the freshness and the cleanness of the raw materials are very important to obtain a high quality juice.

A fruit juice can be considered a suspension of water, sugars (manly: glucose - fructose - sucrose), acids, essences, vitamins, proteins, minerals, pigments and pectic-substances

The most common semi - finished products are:

  • Puree’ single strength or concentrate
  • Cloudy or pulpy juices single strength or concentrate (which contain insoluble solid particles)
  • Clear juice single strength or concentrate (without the insoluble substances)